Daniel Matea2020/01/31

Bauang Providence

We visited Bauang Providence in the Philippines! It was such a wonderful blessing to be able to hand out so many sandals to the children there. So many kids go without protection for their feet and here at

Heart & Soles we are on a mission to fix this!


Walking through Bauang village

We were blessed by the residents of Bauang who invited us to walk through their village. They were such amazing hosts and beautful people. It was hard seeing how they were living, and it reminded us how good we have it here in America. However, no matter what their living conditions were the people of the Philippines spirit was always bright! The kindness they showed was truly a blessing, and their hospitality was unmatched.


Vigan City Fountain

During our trip to the Philippines we were blessed to be brought to Vigan CIty Luzon!

Such a beautiful city and rich history. We were blessed to visit this town and took some amazing pictures. 

Vigan is also know for its amazing fountain which we took a video of to share with you all. 



We were blessed to baptize a family of 4 into Christ while in the Philippines!

The ocean seemed like such a wonderful place for this to happen. 

We had a beautiful bible study, and prayer, and then made our way into the ocean.

Even though we picked a place with calm waves when we entered the waters God had other plans. 

Almost immediately after we entered the ocean the waves picked up and began crashing over us. 

Maybe God was just making sure we were completely immersed. 

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